Monday, June 20, 2011

Resuming Hulu Langat Training Ride

Charging up that last 800metres

With CS Wee (right) at the summit after a 10km uphill ride
Michelle had suggested that we resume our training ride in Hulu Langat Bt 18.
I agreed on this and posted an invitation on the Malaysian Foldies' Google Group.
We met veteran rider CS Wee at the launch site on Saturday.
He was just behind us when we drove to the starting line beside the balai polis in this village. 
As usual, we took off to the junction leading towards the 10km mark.
Wee sped off and vanished in the morning mist as I worked on my target to get to the Kuala Klawang junction non-stop.
The last 800metres of course, was the toughest ride.
We took our Dahon Curve D3 and SL which were loaded with a pair of ortlieb frontroller panniers.
With the load, I was amazed on how Michelle had taken her 3-speed ride all the way to the state border.
Although we were much slower than the roadies who zoomed past us, we made it. 
The downhill part was fun and for the rest of the day, we rode back to the village and had some late breakfast. 
Wee told us that the hill section in Penang is not as bad as Hulu Langat and that we could make on the 80km round island ride in September.
So, if we keep this up on a weekly basis, we are on track for the 'Campaign for a third lane series 3' ride on Sept 11.
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