Monday, June 13, 2011

Upgrades for Michelle's 2009 Dahon Curve D3

I've retrofitted the Curve D3's rear luggage rack with a 20" Dahon rack

The front bracket luggage truss

These lil' mean bikes are ready to Rock 'n Roll!
After some research and careful planning, I've removed the stock-standard rear rack on Michelle's Dahon Curve D3.
Its lower in height and could not be fitted with an Ortlieb frontroller panniers.
I'm happy to report that after the retrofit, the panniers mounted securely on the rack.
It takes a little bit of muscle power to bend the rack so that it could be bolted onto the Curve's frame.
I've had success with the Curve SL earlier with the black coloured rack salvaged from my Dahon Speed P8.
Initially, I had wanted to ditch it to the lowest bidder.
But lucky for me, I kept it and retrofitted it onto my Curve SL.
Apart from the 20" rear luggage rack, I also added a luggage truss on the Curve D3.
This would come in useful when I mount a basket or a small back on the truss.
Now that the frontrollers are mounted, we can look forward to some short distance cruise on our Dahon Curves...
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