Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chamang series 02 - Part 2

Team Samo at the Chamang Falls

A Zen moment: Jessica meditating at the falls...

Power-packed lunch: Farmer Wong hosted our lunch at Yik Kee restaurant in Karak, Pahang
It took us less-than an hour to reach the Chamang falls from Bentong town.
Most of us did very well, especially Jessica who told her daughter that she was all out to complete the ride.
To my amazement, she tackled the hill ride out of Chamang falls very well.
David, on the other hand, has been training almost daily. He was one of the fittest rider among the lot.
Michelle and I fared pretty okay.
With our loads in the panniers, we were just glad to have made it all the way in the 900-metre climb and rode non-stop towards Bentong.
After completing the ride, we went to a coffeeshop at the edge of town for some really good coffee and toast bread.
David treated the gang to the tea break while Farmer Wong hosted a super-duper power-packed lunch in Karak town.
On the whole, we've had a good ride and the next project would be a ride from Karak to Raub.


Distance: 10km
Total distance: 20km
Average speed: 16km
Top speed: 45km
Number of punctures: 0
Number of stops: 1
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