Saturday, August 27, 2011

2010 Dahon Jetstream P8 - first impressions

My wife's new ride: The 2010 Dahon Jetstream P8
I placed an order for the Dahon Jetstream P8 a month ago.
It was worth the wait as a phone call from my contact in Le Run Industries had confirmed its arrival here in Kuala Lumpur.
The wait was nearly a month as Michelle's Jetstream P8 made it all the way from Indonesia.
This one is intended for our CFAL ride in Penang.
I wasn't going to ride alone with my Jetstream EX and wanted my wife to have her own full-suspension folding bike.
The Jetstream P8 seemed like a perfect choice for her.
Pound for pound, its more solid and better handling than any bike of its class including the entry-level Birdy bike from Pacific cycles.
I dare say this because of the Jetstream P8's overall built and quality..
The version that came in has a single RST front fork coil suspension
The German-A elastomer suspension was not part of the 2010 Jetstream P8
As far as appearance is concerned, the Jetstream P8 does look odd with its RST suspension. But there is an advantage when it comes to using such a system. Compared to elastomers, you don't have to replace them every now and then. 
The German-A gave the Jetstream its unique look and personality. Without it, the Jetstream P8 is more 'gentle' and subtle in appearance.
I must say that when it comes to handling, the Jetstream P8 would easily top the Birdy folding bike. 
Its a much more solid ride. And with the gear inches ranging from 32 - 93", you can literally go anywhere with this bike.
The suntour epicon adjustable rear shock
Another interesting aspect of the Jetstream P8, is the adjustable rear suspension. You can tune it to suite your riding style. 
It has a positive and negative return for light offroad settings.
I have tried this in the park and it worked for me.
We took this bike straight from its shipping container to an easy 16km course including 
On the whole, at a pricetag of RM3.9K, this is a moderately-priced full-suspension foldie. 
Its bound for the Rodalink store in Bangsar and Seri Hartamas sometime in mid-September.

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