Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pertak Hike

Mr Pacat

The first river crossing

At the last river
I first came to Kampung Pertak a year ago. 
We were looking for a suitable site for our Malaysia Knife Forums Camp & Cut event.
Unfortunately, this was not the site.
But it surely yielded some good bug photos.
Michelle and I hiked for one hour to the third river along this trail and found some interesting subjects.
I managed to shoot some jumping spiders and a couple of bugs. 
But the pacats or leeches got my better half.
Michelle's foot was bleeding with three leech bites.
The weather didn't really held up, so, we left about 1:45pm and had lunch in Rawang before shooting off for our home in Subang Jaya.
As for bugs, well, its been a fruitful outing!
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