Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Terning point in touring folding bike evolution

Touring folding bike evolved: The Tern Link P24h
I am a HUGE fan of the Dahon Speed series.
We have two bikes: The Dahon Speed P8 and TR. Both are touring-ready bikes that we have been riding.
Now, when I thought I've seen them all, the Tern Link P24h was announced in Tern Bicycle's line-up.
From what I see, this is a 'new and improved' rendition of what Dahon had to offer with their Speed TR.
A hands-on session would debunk all the hype and myth about this bike.
As far as performance is concerned, the Tern Link P24h has all the bells and whistles for a long ride and with the proven Speed frame design, the bike can take the weight as well as the rigors of hauling on a long commute.

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