Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Dahon Vector X10: First impressions

Last of the Vectors: the X10 is value for money
The new latch design on the bike's hinge
High performance: Schwalbe Durano tires are fitted on most high-end road bikes
The first batch of Dahon's 2011 Vector X-10 arrived here in Malaysia sometime in late-January.
Prior to that, there were a lot of hoo-haas about the bike.
Some folding bike guru even talked about getting it. But when the day came, it was all talk.
Other seasoned foldies scoff at how the VRO handlebar folds.
They don't like it at all.
When you produce a high-performance folding bike, some details are sacrificed.
The Vector won't be a Eurobike 2010 award winner if its a piece of crap.
And when you expect things like that to be cheap, well, I guess you are looking at the wrong places.
My contact in Dahon told me that a batch of 10 Vector X10s are their last order from Taiwan.
They arrived in early July and are now in the stores.
It took a while for the crowd here to warm up to the Vectors and once people are aware of its performance, they were gone.
And 2011 is the best year to get hold of any Dahon bikes.
This is still under the purvue of the old international team and the factory guys who gave folding bike owners around the world their mark of quality.
I must say that I didn't really pay much attention to the X10 when it first came to Malaysia.
Seeing it gather dust at the showroom was painful.
But gradually, the bike found its way to two owners.
They were the first of the Vector owners and I hope they enjoy riding it.
The Vector X10 is a fast bike worthy enough to be called an instant classic.
It replaced the Dahon Mu EX and has a real solid and rigid frame. Thanks to the hydroforming frame technology.
Since the X10 is factory bike with extreme components, you can expect the best.
And with a price tag below RM6k, its worth considering if you are moving up a couple of notches.
Very few folding road bikes can match up with the quality thrown in.
Well, seriously, those who know what they are looking for would go for the Vector X10.
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