Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camelbak Octane series hydration packs

The Camelback Octane Scudo
The Camelbak Octane series hydration packs are perhaps the best there is.
I scored an Octane 24 last year to haul my gear. 
In it, I am able to pack 3-litres of drinking water. 
Later, I retro-fitted the pack with an insulated hose and a flow meter.
With a cargo space of 27-litres, the Octane 24 can be used as a daypack.
I carry my first aid kit, bicycle tools, extra fuel bars and gels including my survival gear whenever I go for a ride with the pack.
When your life depends on it, you cannot stinge with a hydration pack.
I've met some people with 'high-powered' connection who also rode with me. 
Instead of getting the best money can buy, they prefer to use some cheap China-made crap.
I can't say much because its their prerogative. They spend their money whichever way they see fit.
Way I see it, spending top dollar on some crappy sleek road tires that bursts easily when hit by road debris, instead of investing on a good hydration pack, seems so wrong.
Even on lights, you can't depend on cheap stuff. 
Anyways, back on the Octane packs, the latest offering from Camelbak is the Octane Scudo. 
I doubt it very much that I would be able to see it here in Malaysia. But if there is a chance to check it out, it would be cool...
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