Sunday, August 21, 2011

USJ26 - Tg Sepat Ride Part 3

Some poor motorcyclist dude caught in the heavy rain

Tg Sepat at last!
Rain, rain, go away
Dark clouds loomed ahead as we pedalled our bikes past Kg Tali Air.
Half-way towards Batu Laut, a stray dog gave chase.
This brown bitch with its tits hanging and swaying violently was fast!
I can hear in the distance someone shouting: "Whoooaayyyy!!!"
But that didn't deter the bitch from giving chase.
I didn't panic and kept my ground speed at 20km/h. 
Even with four legs at top speed despite the wind resistance form the swaying tits, the dog had no chance to catch up.
It was barking and gnarling and as I picked up speed, I smoked the bitch.
Sensing that it was out of range, the dog turned back. Close call.
As we were nearing Batu Laut, I shouted at Michelle and told her that we had to pull over and sought shelter.
Barely seconds after I settled my Dahon Speed P8, it started to pour.
Our timing was impeccable. 
I can see in the distance, a guy on a motorbike trying to put on his rain gear.
When it comes to touring, its not wise to ride in the rain.
While waiting out the storm, I took the opportunity to charge my Garmin EDGE800 GPS with my powermonkey explorer external battery.
By doing so, I managed to restore the GPS to 70% of its power

Arrival at Tg Sepat
It took about 20-minutes for the rain to settle. 
We rode in the drizzle and reached the Tg Sepat junction.
I saw a good photo opportunity and set my camera to take some shots.
Then, came this Perodua Kelisa car. 
In it, a guy waved in a friendly gesture to introduce himself.
He said: "Hello Sam! I am Rivern Yong..."
We returned his courtesy and chatted with him.
Yong said he just concluded the Carey Island ride with another group whom we ditched earlier.
He also told me about the bad experience he had at the Fish Kut Teh stall.
In Tanjung Sepat, we were headed towards the Pau shop. 
The iced coffee there was really good.
After exchanging some conversation, Yong took off. He was headed towards Sungai Pelek.
We continued our Journey towards Tg Sepat town...

Cycling into Tg Sepat

Lunch hour

As the sky cleared, we rode past Tg Sepat town.
On a Saturday, this place is busier than Mid Valley Megamall in KL.
True to Yong's description, the Fish Kut Teh shop was closed.
Our destination was the pau shop and it wasn't difficult to spot it.
Iced coffee was on my priority list as I wasted no time in quenching my thirst.
We had a Mui Choy pau (preserved vegetable), prawn and crab fritters.
When I tried to order a vegetable pau, the Uncle who was manning the pau stall was busy.
Some thai-thais (madams) had taken over. 
One of the ladies had a tattoo on her ankle. I thought she had a bad ringworm infection.

Deep-fried sotong kia with Marmite sauce
From the pau shop, we rode towards the Tg Sepat 'love' bridge.
This place is another tourist attraction and by the time we got there, it was already packed with people, mostly tourists from the Klang Valley.
Michelle and I made our way to a restaurant called 'Ban Joo Hing' and placed an order for three dishes.
We had fried sotong kia (cumit-cumit), deep fried sarr chooi (whiting or ikan bulus) and fan shue yeep (sweet potato leaves).

The makan place

Deep fried Sarr Chooi
The food, especially the fried squid and whiting was not bad. Our bill came to RM41.10 which is rather okay for a small town. 
But the fried vegetables sucked. Worst I've had so far.
I think there are some good makan places in Tg Sepat which we can explore. 
Perhaps an overnight trip would do some justice for our food trail.
After our fill, we rode off, this time, its the return trip to USJ26...
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