Thursday, August 11, 2011

A breath of fresh air for Birdy bicycles

There is no doubt that the Birdy folding bike is one of the most competitively-priced full-suspension folding bikes around.
At RM4.5K a pop for the most basic ride, you can't go wrong.
I was at KSH Bike recently and met the owner Ben Tan.
He asked: "So, what bicycle you ride ah?"
I said: "Folding Bike"
Ben: "What brand ah?"
Me: "Dahon.."

There was pause. Mr Tan kept his composure. He then asked: "What about Birdy?"
I told him the key advantages of the Birdy and its weaknesses.
He acknowledge.
"Aiya Sam, we don't get user feedback la.."
I guess Yeap and Herbert did not inform him much.

These are the nicest sales guys I've come across at KSH Bikes.
Tan then said the Birdies are not enjoying brisk sales like the Dahons.
I said that I am not a Dahon die-hard, but I got the bikes that suited my needs.
The owner was also puzzled as to why the full-suspension Birdy did not tickle my fancy.
I then said: "Ah, you should try my Dahon Jetstream EX..."
Maybe KSH is too stingy to promote their bikes, there's hardly any print ads on the newspapers and local trade magazines.
I told Tan that he also needs to support his customers by catering to their needs: especially accessories as many Birdy riders are now hitting the road as tourers.
"Ah, okay, I am going to look into that, accessories like touring racks, polymer suspension or different hardness and an after-market front shock.."
Seeing as it is, the Birdy's 'Achilles Heel' is its front shocks.
This flimsy spring made the bike wobbly on downhill rides.
Birdy riders in Taiwan overcame this by retro-fitting their front shocks with air suspension.
The alternative shock absorbers gives its a solid ride and handing.
That said, I hope that Tan will keep his words...
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