Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Team Starmetro for OCBC Cycle Malaysia

Team Captain Kevin Tan (far left) and his roadie gang
I've concluded round 1 of talks with a sponsor for my team Starmetro who will be taking part at the OCBC Cycle Malaysia's 48km challenge.
We've formed it with six other guys from the Editorial Department with blessings from Starmetro's Senior Editor.
In the weeks to come, the team, led by its Captain Mr Kevin Tan, will be training for the 4 x 12km course in KL beginning with a series in Desa Park City and Hulu Langat Bt 18.
As team publicist, I have the task to round up our sponsors and carry on the good name of The Star at the event.
Having said that, the Star cycling club is born..
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