Sunday, August 21, 2011

USJ26 - Tg Sepat Ride Part 2

Old and new: Cycling past a commuter in Banting
At Morib
Surf's up: The wave at Morib
Riding into the storm
Resuming the ride
We had our fill in Banting and it was time to hit the road again.
Cycling out of town, we headed towards Morib beach which is about 10km away.
The weather allowed us to cycle non-stop to the Morib junction where we slowly proceeded towards the Klanang beach.
Barely an hour into the ride, we arrived at Morib.
This place was deserted. 
Few people were around as we made our way to a wakaf.
There, we met a Malay guy, probably in his 30s. He said he saw us in Sijangkang.
We chat with him a bit, and went on to take pictures of the surf.
It was amazing as the waves went crashing into the retaining walls.
"It has been like that for a few days," said the guy.
At Morib, we had enough time to check on the bikes.
Our Dahons seemed to be in a good shape.
So far, I've cycled the Schwalbe Big Apple tires for more than three years and its really holding out fine.
The only thing that is slowly wearing out are our brakes.
I guess its time to have it changed.
Tanjung Sepat is about 17km away from Morib. 

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