Sunday, August 14, 2011

Post ride recovery

If you are embarking on an extended tour with your bike, recovery is very important.
Why? Because after you had cycled for 100km, your legs are raw and feels like minced meat.
Which brings me to the subject of recovery.
The natural way is to have enough rest. This is also affected by your age and how fast you body can heal.
For the fogie, its much harder to recover after a long ride.
One of the proven supplements that promotes a quicker recovery time is the Hammer Recoverite.
This consumable supplement comes in powder form.
It tastes horrible, but works in a way that you tend to experience less muscle aches.
I tried a sachet after a strong recommendation by the Yong brothers of Tukang Basikal Fook Sang.
After a 74km ride, I took a glass of Hammer Recoverite.
The effects of sore muscles - especially my thighs were greatly reduced.
That said, I now pack a small sachet for my tours and have a large tub at home for recovery after a long training ride..
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