Saturday, August 6, 2011

Return of the portia

Face-to-face: The Portia

3/4 profile shot
My trip to the Tekala falls in Hulu Langat began with a good start.
While making my way to the rest area, I spotted a spider and upon closer inspection, it was a Portia.
These are rare as they are beautiful.
So far, I've only captured two from Sungai Tua forest park in Selangor.
This was my third capture and I wasted no time in documenting the jumping spider.
The Portia is the most intelligent spider capable of making complex decisions.
What I found was about 8mm in length and was injured. 
Some of the Portia's limbs were missing.
I shot it with my Canon MPE-65 macro lens and lit the frame with my MT-24EX twin flash.
Been a while since I last shot anything with this rig and being able to capture the Portia was a good start.
Tekala's bug population seems encouraging and this would prompt more outings in the future.. 
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