Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Battle of the groups

Social media network is an amazing phenomenon.
With domains like Facebook, Google Groups and MySpace, you can form a peer group and carry out activities.
Just minutes ago, I saw Uncle FC Meng added as a member of 'Folding Bike' (Klang Valley).
This is way cool! On Facebook, its simply fascinating.
I think the page was created by Ng Chor Guan, who is an acquaintance of ours and the other admin fella I saw listed: is a Nazi bugger with a penchant for dominating the world.
That said, I won't touch this page with a 10-feet pole! Hahaha...
 This group has nearly 100 people and is also growing. I hope they would uphold the good standing of responsible bicycling and won't be consumed by greed and politics.
One Nazi is bad enough...  
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