Thursday, August 4, 2011

The cult bike

Few folding bike manufacturers can claim 'cult' status with what they produce and market.
Brompton Bicycles of the UK is that exception.
And the few who owns them here in Malaysia are the ones that are proudly flaunting their rides.
I am not taking a swipe at anyone as I am saying this with admiration. 
It doesn't pay to make fun of the Brommies as others would pile-in for the bashing.. Hahahah!
One dude I know who is turning heads with his Brommie is music composer Guan NC who commutes daily with his Brompton P6R.
He bought the bike in the UK and rode it to Bonn, Germany and the exploits of his ride can be see on his website:
The Bromptons are also getting very popular here in Malaysia and there are folks who are willing to travel to the UK to buy them.
One of the distinct advantages of the Brompton is the fact that its very compact.
This made it an ideal commuter's bike.
And to add a feather to the company's cap, the legendary Heinz Stucke is now touring with a Brompton as he is one of the sponsored riders.
As for the bike, well, at a price tag of RM5K a pop, its just not my bag..
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