Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kronobur whattt????

I am not a PR person.
And the thought of being sent to a function to 'show face' is something that I truly dread.
So, there I was, on the road to Mid Valley Megamall, destination: Library Bar at the Boulevard.
My buddy Jake had warned me on how the Library Bar sucked.
I did not heed this as I was on a diplomatic mission. The job is to drop by, say: "Hello" and fuck off.
There was a reception desk at the entrance of the pub. 
I walked up, pulled out my business card and gave it to one of the ladies manning it.
There was this skinny woman who greeted me.
"Where are you from? How come I don't see you at assignments?"
My immediate reaction was: "Err, I mostly assign people.. "
I made my way to the first floor and waved at the Boss from Luen Heng distributor.
Mr Soh, he is the only familiar face in the crowd.
Then he introduced me to his colleague: "Ah, this is Sam ah! He is also a Scout.. Bla-bla-bla.."
Being the good host, Mr Soh asked me to help myself with the food spread and grab a beer.
It was the Kronenbourg media night.
Kronenwhat?? Yeah. Never heard of French Beer before and well I guess I will never try.
The room was filled with bloggers and very few newspaper people. Or rather, I am already obsolete, I hardly knew anyone there.
There was a jolly bunch seated next to me, and I've picked out two familiar faces.
But since they were completely oblivious and nonchalant to their surroundings, I kinda sat down on my own.
I switched on my Casio PRG500's timer and counted down.
In a party where its loud and crowded, an hour seemed like an eternity.
Later, I got up, made my way to the staircase and I can see Mr Soh's face, he had a disgusted look. Maybe I didn't give him face. I just showed it.
And in a zip, I was out of Library Bar.
Clearly, the company sucked. The beer, I never tasted. Large crowd and noisy place: Not my scene... But I did what I was told. Show face...
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