Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Ortlieb distributor for Malaysia

Ed Foo's new store in Subang Avenue

Cyclists no longer need to head South for their Ortlieb gear

Atmosphere Outfitters' range of bags

Ortlieb Mudracer saddle bags
My buddy Ah Pan from Karak had introduced me to his fishing kaki Ed Foo who owns Atmosphere Outfitters in Subang Avenue.
This is a new store, comparable to many in Singapore and Thailand.
Foo had raised the bar on retailing high-quality stuff and when it comes to an extensive range of Ortlieb bicycle panniers, this is the place to look out for.
This also means that traveling to Singapore is no longer a necessity.
And dealing with fucking idiots in an outfitter store in Bangsar is a thing in the past.
Although Foo admits that he knew nuts about bicycling bags, he was glad to know that the touring community is growing in the Klang Valley.
"My turnaround for orders is five days, if you see anything you want on the Ortlieb catalog, you can get it here," assures Foo.
For a sceptic like me who have been fucked by the local dealers here in Malaysia, I was awestrucked by Atmosphere Outfitter's range of Ortlieb products.
Foo, who is a dirt-biker and fishing kaki, is familiar with motorbike stuff.
He told me that he was particularly disappointed with the attitude of bicycle shop retailers here as they were too afraid to retail high-end goods from Ortlieb.
I assured him that by creating the proper awareness, he will be able to reach out to the right group of people.
As an Ortlieb user, I told Foo about my experience with the Back and Frontroller classic panniers on my 2009 Dahon Speed P8.
After the intro session, I also told him about product knowledge is an important aspect in getting the message across and what you pay for is what you get.
During our informal meeting, I also told Foo about the attitude of cyclists here in general.
Most people want a bang for their buck and would spend less to get the most out of their gear.
That's why they end up with crap panniers and regret them for the rest of their lives.

He also told me how he got fucked from a Thai manufacturer who took pictures of the Ortlieb bags and had them copied and produced.
I got no issue with that because when a tourer gets fucked with inferior crap, then they truly learn that there is no point being penny wise and pound foolish.
And for cycling garments, Foo, who also deals directly with clothing manufacturers in Thailand, said he will be able to sell large-sized dry-fit shirts.
Well, Atmosphere Outfitters is still very new, barely a week old. So, if you want to check them out, head to Subang Avenue complex in SS14, Subang Jaya. 
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