Saturday, August 27, 2011

Team Starmetro & Team OCBC Ride Desa Park City

Starmetro's team captain Kevin was one of the first on the scene
Michelle and I had little sleep from our night out at Sumi-Ka yakitori restaurant last night.
With whatever thrown-in, we woke up at 05:00am, packed our bikes and made our way to Desa Park City.
This place is located somewhere near Kepong and we've been there once some years back.
Much has changed at this self-contained homestead. 
It was chosen by the OCBC team as their training ground.
They are also the organisers of Cycle Malaysia which is expected to take place in mid-October.
Our cycling team captain Kevin Tan had invited me to join in the ride and get to know the OCBC sponsors (the bank gave four places for our media team in the 48km race).
There, I met Mr Chan Kok Leong, a very sporty and easy going fella who liaised with Kevin to get our team registered with the event.
I also met my old schoolmate Yap, who is employed with the bank.
The OCBC team were led by their head honcho Mr Jeffery Chew, who is one helluva fit cyclist.
We rode for 10.6km before regrouping with the rest of the cyclists.
Yap (far right), my former schoolmate
Later, we were led to climb at a slop with 10% gradient. 
Some of the cyclists had broken off from the main group for the flatter area.
Michelle and I were crunching our gears on the climb and made it all the way to the top of the hill.
We then rode back to the Joo Ngan Son's bicycle shop where the cyclists re-grouped and had a late breakfast.

Fighting fit: OCBC's Chew
At Desa Park, I met a few foldies. One of them were Will Ong, some bank employee dude on his Dahon Eco C7.
Another guy I met with his Red Dahon Speed P8 was a dude called Patrick. 
He told me that he would be going touring on his folding bike and I wished him all the best.
Seems like the Desa Park City would be a suitable training ground for our cycling team for the OCBC event in October...
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