Sunday, August 21, 2011

USJ26 - Tg Sepat Ride Part 1

Leaving our home in USJ 26

Night ride rig: Nite Ize LED vest, Topeak helmet light

Making an exit near Bandar Botanic

Breakfast in Banting

Plan B
I managed to squeeze a day off on Saturday.
Was supposed to lead a ride in Carey Island, but due to my erratic schedule, I called it off.
And this had turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Some guy had grabbed the idea and made this his event, so, I let it be.
Instead, Michelle had suggested a ride to Tanjung Sepat instead, I jumped at it without much hesitation.
Initially, I suggested Bagan Lalang. That would make our return trip about 200km. I pushed  for it, but she said it was a no-go. So, we settled for Tanjung Sepat.
The plan was to leave from our home, head towards the KESAS highway and shoot straight to Morib.

Executing the plan
The alarm rang at 5am sharp. Our bikes were set-up the night before, the packing was done with spares and recovery kit on our Ortlieb front roller panniers.
We had some bananas for early breakfast and I downed two endurolite capsules for the road.
At 06:30am the road was still dark.
Michelled had the Valo light on her Dahon Speed TR which was powered by a Joule dynamo.
This worked perfectly.

For low visibility, we wore a Nite Ize LED vest. This came with a 3M scotchlite strip and our Topeak Helmet light. 
In short, we were well-covered and there is not excuse for motorcycles and cars not to 'see' us.

First leg of the journey
From USJ 26, we rode down part of the LDP, joining Section 27 of Shah Alam.
Then, we made a turn towards the Proton plant which connects to the KESAS highway.
This is the scariest section of the ride. The road was pitch dark. 
Half-way through the ride, Michelle's water bottle fell off.
I picked it up and improvised by securing the bottle with a velcro strip.
The sky was beginning to brighten up as we hit the motorcycle lane at the KESAS.
We stopped at a bridge near the Kg Jawa for a short break and by daybreak, a roadie zipped by. He waved at us.
About 45-minutes into the ride, we reached the Bandar Botanic and Banting exit.
This is a short climb before we roll down towards Sijangkang and Teluk Panglima Garang.
Since the day was gloomy, riding the distance was no issue at all.
We reached Banting by 9:45am and found a Hainanese coffee shop where we had our breakfast.
This was timely as we took a longer break. Next stop: Morib beach...

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