Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cari2 Makan Angin Kuala Lumpur part 1

The 2010 Jetstream P8's second flight to KL's city centre yesterday
Rise and shine...
As a prelude to our round island ride in Penang next week, we planned a distance ride to the city centre on our Jetstreams.
Michelle and I were clad in our Orange Raceready Alta long sleeve shirts and since we had to ride out at 06:00am in the morning, we had rigged the bikes with lights and blinkers.

Oh, the long slopes!
It never hit me that the road leading from our home to Persiaran Tujuan was a long slope.
I found myself panting as we crunched our gear towards USJ 4 and SS19 in Subang Jaya before making an exit to the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
It took us nearly 45 minutes to get to the area as we gradually moved towards Petaling Jaya.
On the second day of Raya and Hari Merdeka (Independence Day), the roads were clear, but we can never be too sure.

Jetstreamers: Michelle and I at the Jln 222 exit in Petaling Jaya
The bike lane
We rode on the darkness of dawn until daybreak and I noticed that the motorcycle lane on the Federal Highway was quite well-maintained. 
Michelle was apprehensive on the idea of cycling from our home to Stadium Merdeka where ride organize Jimmy Chow had set up the meeting point.
But it turned out allright. 
We cycled towards the Bangsar exit and made our way towards Brickfields.
Traffic was light as we have 20 minutes to spare before reaching Stadium Merdeka at 07:45am.
From Brickfields, we made our way towards the edge of Jalan Bandar and the last section was a steep slope and banked right to the stadium. 
Back in the days, I used to cycle from my aunt's home in Setapak to school at Victoria Institution. 
So, this was a familiar route.

A hardcore foldie: Mr Silversurfer and his steel folding bike with all the bells and whistles
Making new friends
I have met Mr Jimmy Chow numerous times and even had the privilege to have lunch with him at Sungai Way's thai shue thou, but I have never ridden with him or taken part in any of his events.
Meeting up with him and some of the Urban Cowboyz regulars at Stadium Merdeka was a good opportunity to expand our friendship circle.
By the time we got to the stadium, we had rode for nearly 25km.
This was more than warming up, and while we waited for the others to arrive, I caught up with Swofinty, Rivern Yong and Mr Chan -- a group of foldies whom I've met much earlier.

The gang
Riding KL
By 08:30am, there were more than 20 cyclists with Jimmy leading the way and John Ng as sweeper. 
We made our way towards Jalan Loke Yew and turned towards Jalan San Peng.
The gang then moved towards Jalan Tun Razak and made its way to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
I haven't been to this place for Monkey years and by the time we got there, some of the ladies who cycled with us were already getting hungry.
Since most of the shops are closed, we settled for makan at McDonald's in Jalan Pahang...

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