Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tiru macam saya..

Imitation is a form of flattery.
Its never easy to be an original with ideas that flourish when you execute it.
I've organized a few rides with some newcomers and they are quick to take my routes and use it as their motivation.
No issues with that as good things are meant to be shared.
But when people rip you off, there is cause for alarm.
I was supposed to go for a ride this weekend at Carey Island.
Its a simple 40km return trip. 
But due to work commitment, I am unable to do it.
Running parallel to my plan, is another guy who had announced the ride on Facebook.
This became his event now since I am unable to see to it.
Still, no issues. My style of doing things, planning and execution has always been copied. 
Ethics wise, I think its utterly shameless for a guy who thinks he is held in high esteem to rip off my plans..
Nevertheless, its an open plain. People are free to do what they feel is right.
On a hindsight, we will carry on doing what we do best: Keep on truckin'!
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