Saturday, August 13, 2011

MKF M&G Aug 13

The MKF gang: Stanley, Eric, Me and Mr Yen
My braddah Eric Wong is back from China on a break.
Its also an opportunity for him to catch you with old friends and members of the Malaysia Knife Forums.
Eric and I founded the MKF on May 31, 2006 and with a handful of people, we managed the domain to promote responsible knife ownership.
Today, we can be proud as the community is thriving.
It also spanned three batches of knife users and collectors throughout Malaysia.
We have affiliates in Singapore and Thailand.
As for Eric, he is a really stand-up guy whom I am very proud to call a 'Braddah'.
Though thick and thin, we weathered it out and persevered.
There are many people out there whom I call a friend. That's all. 
If shit hits the fan, these so-called friends are the first people to bug out and stay out of sight.
They even scoff at the mere mention of your name.
With a braddah, such is never the case. We look out of each other.
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