Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh no....

Its a funny thing when you see retards running the show. I thought I was completely out of it, but well fate has it in a funny way that where ever I go, they tend to follow.

I rang up a desk jockey yesterday evening in procedures to send the daily assignment report. Someone picked up the phone, identified himself and I could immediately recognise his voice.

So, asked him on what queue should I send to the editorial system. His answer was : "I don't know".

For a guy who has seniority and position, I felt sorry for all the folks who had to deal with him. And when I told this to my section head, he confirmed the fact that I was dealing with a retard.

Now the irony was this : he was the choice pick for the assignment up North by my buddy Eddie. I feel sorry for him.

You can 't teach a donkey new tricks. Way I see it, all the hype and shit going down, we are dealing with a complete washout.
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