Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Canon-slayer?

Is this the Canon 50D killer that gained so much hype? Over the years, I found that Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon had tried
very hard to capture the professional market they have lost.Over here, its just re-packaging. Old shit in a new dress. As a matter of fact, my professional career in the Press started with a Nikon
F-3 camera.At their prime, no one can come close. Not even the Canon system. Later, with the advent of autofocusing and film advance including
high shutter speed and rapid frame shooting, Canon took the whole world by storm with their EOS system.One of the first entry-level all-auto cameras from this giant was the EOS-630.At the same period, Canon rolled out their professional EOS-1 system. This was followed by the EOS-1n and the same platform that
made Canon so famous worldwide hatched a few generation of professional SLR system.With the digital age, Canon wasted no time in developing their EOS professional system to cope with the rising demand for speed,
clarity and high definition. Hence the introduction of the Canon EOS 1D mk III DS high performance camera. At a price tag of RM25k a pop, this one can buy a
small car.But hey, we are not talking about the pro stuff. Its easy to talk like pro. But shoot like one? Well, I reserve to comment. Back on the
shelves, the EOS system for advanced beginners has always been the two-digit series.But over the years, Nikon had bettered their strategy by coming up with better low-end and mid-range Digital SLRs with the
introduction of the D70, D70s, succeeded by the D80 (for two years, this is the top advanced amateur rig) and subsequently, the D80
was replaced by the D90.Only this is the moment that shook the advanced level community. The farce? Better and faster, but not necessarilty afforable. Like I
said, any techno geek with a digital camera these days are a photographer.I last played with an SLR system some 17-years ago. This renders me 'obsolete'. Nevertheless, I can pick any of these cameras up
and go shooting pictures - without using any techno-jargon to disguise my lacking.So, all that said, will the D90 slay the 50D? Way I see it, it would be a close fight. When it comes to a system, I favour the Canons, but
when it comes to a good kit camera, its Nikon hands-down. The only beef I have, is with the after sales service because Nikon Malaysia is run but a bunch of morons.
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