Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back at work..

And just like that, my 10 days of freedom ended. Well, I did return to the office to file in some stories and troubleshoot, so, that can't be counted.

I've had a great weekend with dinner at Sek Yuen restaurant in Pudu as the highlights of my break.

It was great to be with my wife and extended family. We hung out at the in-law's place till late at night before calling it a day.

I was already pumped up with plenty of beers and good food! Anyways, the day for me, went down smoothly.

Well, almost. I injured my left eye and the redness remained throughout the day. As for work, I though it was a rough ride, but things had turned out rather smoothly.

This, I hope, will maintain its course throughout the week. I anticipate a long week ahead in the last week of September...
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