Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love 50mm

The 50mm, a superb fixed focal lens
Seen here, mounted on my dream camera...

Being an ol skool photog, I think most of the zoom lenses that you find in D-SLR camera kits are bullshit.

Yeah, guys may tell you that they get a large aperature like 2.8 in their wide and tele-zooms. But these remains as multi-element lenses where image clarity is just so-so under high magnification.

To get the purest, fixed focals at the best. And it befits the usage of an interchangeable single lens reflex.

I guess the new generation of photographers (any idiot with a digital camera claim they are one these days) are lazy cos they find a single barrel that does all and covers every focal length imaginable.

Their loss. I started my career as a professional photographer at The Star with a Nikon F-4 camera with a standard 50mm f1.4 lens.

That was my bread and butter lens till I found a 24mm f2.8 lens which was destroyed by an asshole I loaned it to.

I do have a 70-210mm F4 lens, but that was coke bottle compared to the Nikon 80-200 f2.8ED lens which fetched a very high price.

Going back to the 50mm 'normal' lens, I have always been fascinated by the good images that it can capture.

So, getting one goes without saying! Hahahaha! I am eyeing the Canon 50mm f1.4 USM lens which I think will complement the basic Canon EOS 1000D basic D-SLR camera.

Its on my wish list and since the taxman had killed my appetite for more toys, I think this project will only bear fruit later in the year. Or never.
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