Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lunch as Ah Koo's

My kidz trying their luck at the pantry area..
My mem besar chilling out at the living room with Queenie
Stuffed eggplant
Aaahh.. the Chillies..

Ha! Sunday is here. As usual, Michelle and I took the dogs to our Aunt Lorraine's place after a pre-arranged lunch session.

The food was great and its the only time I had to catch with the woman who raised me.

And she dishes out the best Hakka Yong Tau Foo ever! I mean, there are many wannabes out there, but none can come close to what she cooks!

These are the things that I've missed when I moved out from her home more than four years ago.

We spent half the day at her home before heading back. The drive home was torturous cos my eyes could hardly open.

Had an afternoon nap and that was it. Later, Eugene, my brother in-law came over for a weekend stay.
I have to send him back to his parents tomorrow, which is another day.
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