Monday, September 22, 2008

Pentax KM

I am actually in the market for a beginner's Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. In the quest for one, there are actually very few choices.

Right now, the Canon EOS-1000D seems to be the perfect choice with price range below RM2k. Practically-speaking, this system is enough to cover my needs.

Throw in an extra lens, flash and power grip, the ante is up by another RM1.5k and I must say that purchasing accessories to ehance the camera's range and performances MEGA-SUCKED.

Anyways, just when I thought it was safe to dive in - Pentax came up with their basic KM model. I think this will give Canon and Nikon (with their D-60 model) a run for their money.

This one has all the basic stuff covered. My only beef with Pentax is that they are not covered in terms of variety and I also learned that the after-sales service is atrocious.

Nevertheless, the announcement of Pentax's entry into the beginner's market marks the race to get the cheapest system onto the consumers..
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