Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I not stupid

It's just one of those days. And when you least expect, the usual S.N.A.F.U. (situation normal all fucked up) crawls up from the rear.

I received a call from Kuantan. The bureau chief made a big hoohaah over typo issues. My bad. I didn't check the heading, sub-heading and photo captions.

The sub blundered and so did I. We talked about it and it was allright. Well, it wasn't until later in the day where he unleashed his wrath.

Some stories, he said, was badly written. I can't say much about that since I cleared it and the fuss was some grammatical error.

Why make it a big deal? The drama was so thick, this sub said he spent half an-hour re-writing it. I checked the proof, hardly evident. Just some corrections here and there and I think this is not an issue to harp on.

There are many stories. My observation was this - he comes in early, does fuckall and ploughs through the afternoon.

He made his grouses known to the Southeast regular, but really, the fun is when he was told not to take it too hard on himself as the guy sauntered away after completing his shift.

Life was so much better when the regular Metro subs filled in for the permanent guy. Today, as it seems, wasn't that smooth. But I guess to learn, one must take some bashing and learn to move on with the newly acquired skills. At least that's how I see it.
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