Friday, September 5, 2008

What a day...

Yesterday's soggy outing
My favourite shot - the nasi dagang stall at Jalan Raja Alang

A couple of things was in order today. First, I have to shoot off to the office to sort out the story of the month and get my Ramadhan food trail piece filed-in.

No sweat on the second task and half-way through, I also utilised the time to submit my claims for photographs.

This was something that was told to me rather later by my section head. There's also the prospect of a promotion and forward deployment to Penang which is looming.

I don't know how true this is, but if it materialises, I will have to report to the Northern office after Chinese New Year.

This means more expenses. Anyways, doing all the task, I set up a talk by Canon Malaysia's sales manager P.K. Teoh.

He talked about point and shoot. Well, mostly a sales pitch for Canon compact cameras, but he did took some questions from the reporters and answered them well.

Tomorrow, I am off to the Selangor Shooting Club to meet the committee there. And some shootin' as well arranged by Vincent Chin, a buddy of mine...
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