Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's gonna be a tough month..

The grim reality is this : there are bills to be paid, debts to be settled and a life to live. As tough as it sounds, I got hunkered down and first priority in place, are the family and our dogs.

Food wise, we are well-stocked. And since my workaholic wifey is perpetually out of town, I guess there won't be much wastage.

As for the kidz, I am stocking up 15kgs of their daily kibbles need. Had to overkill on this factor based on the fact that there many uncertainties.

First thing to go out the window - is the toys. Sad to say, with our hungry stomachs to feed, it has to go. b

All good things said and done, no holidays for me. My wife will be travelling, on her own expense to Australia and New Zealand. Not me.

I guess I can breathe easy in eight month's time after the IRB is done butchering my monthly salary. Oh yeah, I can look forward to that...
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