Sunday, September 21, 2008

Skimpy Sunday...

Sundays are the best cos its a light day. But saying as it is, manning the desk is no walk in the park. There are plenty of decisions to be made in order to close the page for Monday. This is in the context of my work.

So, having being all pumped up, I left home for the office. Traffic was smooth and when I reached the workplace, there were ample parking spaces.

After I killed off the car engine, I noticed this Proton Satria making a turn. It was park at a far end. Then came out a woman. She was wearing a spaghetti strap top.

Not that I am bothered about her, I made my way to the staircase. Then she came into the elevator and the ID Tag that she wore, was issued temporary.

She's an intern and the most glaring thing about her presence was that her boobs was falling out of her dress.

I don't know about her but I was embarassed even to look. The best thing to do in a situation like this, is to shut up and pretend that she was not even there.

The company has a sexual harassment code and I think it's stupid even to think of making small talk out of a conversation.

Now the skimpyness did not stop as the boys on the 5th floor were oogling over this girl's mammary glands.. hahahahah!!!! It was obvious that she was attracting all the wrong attention...
Well, in the light of this situation, I would discuss with my significant half. My wife would say : "You male are all alike.."
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