Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wah! Its just one of those days when you have to throw in Murphy's Law. Just about everything that you have expected to be okay had turned out the a major fuss.The layout guy came in late and grumpy. Unhappy over the stories assigned. Again, I don't think such are issues that would slow things down.To make life easier, just improvise and move on. I am sad to say that the outstation bureaus are scraping the bottom of the barrel with their offerings and some of the stories are rather lame. So, how do you improvise? Get the good ones as leads and the weak ones as second or third reference. Not hard if you have a person working on it without complaining all the time.When it comes to the crunch, time is purely wasted on arguing on matters like : "It should be like this", "Reporter XXX does it better", "The desk person XXX don't give me shit like you do" and so on. Rambling is a waste of time. The more you ramble the more time goes down the drain. A good sub and layout person, in my humble opinion, wastes no time in offering a quick fix.And its unprofessional to raise your voice and get all grumpy. I told the guy at the back of me that if he thinks the story needs to axed, just do it.My job did not state that I have to call the reporter and correct his or her approach in writing the story. As to : "Why bother writing the story in the first place?" was something that is way out my control.I don't tell them what to do. All I can offer, is to improvise what they give. If I made a mistake, I own up. So, if there is something the desk would have to shoulder, we do it as a team. Never leave your men behind.So, at the end of the day, I weeded out the fuss with the sub. Explained the whole scenario. If we get a shitty day, we can only improvise.
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