Monday, September 29, 2008

Tomorrow is another day...

Today marks my last day with the southeast section. I can breathe with ease in the days to come, but the bad news is - I've got to fill in again for the regular guy from Sunday till next Tuesday.
Which is a sucky deal cos I have to put up with male PMS and Menopause syndrome from the guy who subs the page.

Kinda made it harder if you deal with people with unpredictable mood-swings. Nevertheless, its only a job, the paper must see print no matter how crappy he thinks the stories are.

So, fuck that. Anyways, it kinda dawned on my on why we have to work so hard and end up perpetually broke all the time while a minority out there are reaping their loot at full swing.

Life SUCKS! So, got to make the best out of it..
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