Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It was like a day in hell..

It felt like eternal damnation when I had to double up for the main section. Work as it is, was already packed the my eyeballs.

There plenty of issues to sort out and being a sucker for punishment, I can never say no. I guess through the months, I have embraced responsibility in a big way.

The working hours are long, but the end results, I would say - is satisfying. I really hope that the folks around me can appreciate what I am doing.

Well, on another note, I checked my payslip and there was na-da amount in terms of gratuity. This SUCKS!

I just can wait for the months to fast-forward past me. The only thing I can truly look forward to, is the bonus payment in December which will be prorated.

Otherwise, things are fine and my brains are hurting. Gotta rush home and cook for the big madam whose also been a workaholic..
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