Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh what a soggy day...

I can't believe it... Been raining for hours and well, its the only day I got to catch some food stories in KL city centre.
Made my way to the Maju Junction mall at Jalan TAR where I holed at Starbucks for a cuppa coffee and well, surf the net a bit with the lappie.
Anyways, my mission are is in Kg Baru and parts of Jln Hj Hussein. Should be able to snap a coupla shots before shooting back to Subang Jaya later in the day.
The rain seem to have a 'dampening' effect on folks. I see that the roads are also getting rather jammed up cos everyone is heading home after completing their flexi working hour at the office.
Another interesting development at the workplace is that they are moving people around. I think my ass is on the line...
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