Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nikon's G-10 slayer...

Japan photographic equipment manufacturer Nikon has been trying to break competitor Canon's choke hold on the high end consumer compact camera market for a while.

They called it the 'prosumer' but this fancy work does not exist in any dictionary. Anyways, Nikon came up with the P-series model 5000 and was succeeded with the P-5100. Price wise, I'd say that they had walloped Canon to a knockout.

Not only that, Nikon has plenty of fancy accessories that are way cheaper than Canon's to boost their line up.

But history has proven that Nikon was and is only second fiddle to Canon in the compact camera market.

Based on experience, I'd say that the Canon user interface is much better and clearer than what Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus and other brands have to offer.

The downside to Nikon here in Malaysia, is their after sales service that SUCKS and STINKS. I think very lowly of them after some bad experiences dealing with the repair department.

If Nikon can improve on this, they will gain some lost ground. Okay, so, what is the big deal about the new P-6000 compact camera?

Like its predecessor, the new camera has its sleek look, a good handgrip and new features such as a pop-up flash and GPS information integration may put it way ahead of other high end compact camera manufacturers.

Infact, this may be the first of its kind. Nikon is setting a trend by incorporating features that are available only in their flagship SLR cameras.

But despite the hype, would it sell? The price point would determine this as there are plenty of die-hard Nikonites in Malaysia.

The amateur photography market has expanded by leap and bounds due to digital photography and virtually anyone who hangs a D-SLR on his or her neck are considered a 'photographer'.
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