Thursday, September 25, 2008

The RM4.80 question..

So, I read on the net, other people's blog and the newspaper about the RM4.80 cost to feed a prisoner. Well, what's the fuss? Is prison
food supposed to be good? Are we supposed to feed convicted murderers, rapist and those 'wronged' by the law good food? I followed a so-called investigative
report on an afternoon tabloid on the 'scoop' in prison/detention centre food.The said centre for illegal immigrants fed their detainees chicken neck, liver and scrap. Since when taxpayer's money for defaulters
and prison birds supposed to be luxurious? I read it thoroughly and well, summed up that there's more question than answers in the piece. There was a first-person account and
the breakdown on what prisoners get for their meals.They should be thankful to even get five square meals a day compared to famished people in other country. And the basis to compare
what dog lovers feed to what prisoners get are baseless.Should life in prison be good at the first place? I just don't get it. After all, the issue arised when a politician was detained without trial.
She spent a coupla days in a detention facility and complained that she was fed dog food.What the fuck? Did the media got the attribution wrong? Or has the issue been blown way out of proportion? Its just sensational. The
capture and release and all the fools who stood vigil.I disagree with the dog food statement, but agreed that the way things were handled was a bit far fetched. What was the powers that
be thinking when they arrested a Chinese daily reporter? For her own protection? What a load of shit! Anyways, the fact remains that prison food is not meant to be good. It should be the worse
experience one would have to go through so that he or she won't commit the same offence again. When you hit the slammer, your food is no different from what a murderer, rapist or thief is having. The least I can say is that the person
got fed five times a day.The basis to compare, is with a vietcong prison or some third-world cage where your life is worthless. I found that people are getting
too gullible these days. If they want to comment, they better get a taste of what's real, not a fragment of an imagination of a slob who
has been sitting in front of his computer too long..
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