Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remington 870

An unmodified Remington 870
This one has a Coyote brown stock, pistol grip and tactical forend for desert warfare
Firing a shot with a slight muzzle rise
The pimped 870 is a sweet close quarter battle weapon
This shotgun made me cream in my pants!

This is perhaps one of the best tactical shotguns I'd ever fired. Its solidly built and takes about five rounds.

The normal version is sold at USD$435.00 straight out of the box and my buddy Khun Dusit in Bangkok who is a tactical shooting instructor had modified the shotgun with a tactical stock, surefire forend tactical illuminator and an ACOG sight.

And when you load this baby, it gives one helluva punch. With its long barrel, accuracy is no issue within 20 metres.

Anything or anyone standing on your sight will be peppered with slugs. What I love about the gun, is its modularity and ease of use...
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