Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buddy down....

Today is a public holiday and well, work comes first. I was at the Jalan Othman area to work on my food trail column.
Hit the area at about 9am and managed cap off all the needed shots and information by 10.30am.
And my boss called up to say he don't need the ride to the office, so, I have a couple of hours to spare.
So, what do I do? My buddy at the workplace has been admitted to Assunta Hospital last Friday after his optic nerve gave some problems.
After going through a stress test, his blood pressure shot off the roof. With the bar on journalist's mortality lowered to 41, I thought it would be a just thing to pay him a visit to cheer him up.
And the wrong information led me to the children's ward. It took some detective work to locate the guy and when I finally found him, I joked a bit and got him laughing.
Back in the days when I was a rookie photographer at the Star, he was one of my mentors. For that, I valued his friendship.
After leaving the Star for other publications, our paths crossed a couple of times. I rekindled our friendship after making full circle.
So, he told me that his heart and kidney function checked out allright. He was referred to an eye specialist and got the damaged optical nerves fixed. His bad eye may give more problems in the years to come.
And being diabetic didn't help either. So, after all that hoo-haa, he said he hoped to be discharged soon. I pray for his recovery...
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