Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another 10 days of rest..

Ahahahaa!!! I have completed my task and when I head home, it'll 10 days of sweet freedom! As I peer through my schedule, some recent developments was unfolded.

The old hand who does Metro Southeast told me that the sub who laid out the pages was reprimended for being late.

Yes. He spent all day doing the pages. Topside was fuming. On top of being a slow-mo, part of the finger pointing came my way.

His excuse was I gave and cleared crappy stories. Too bad. I did my part, got scolded, was given a cold shoulder.

Even when I came into work this morning, the guy was being obnoxious. I greeted him good morning and his reaction was : "So, spotted any errors?"

This I have to swallow and lay low. As far as experienced is concerned, I have worked with many harderned people who are prejudiced at me solely because they don't like my face or the way I stood my ground.

With a biased impression, no matter how much I make an effort to improve or do good, its never enough.

The same can be said on some bosses whom I have worked with. Being silent and patient, they picked and harped on my inefficiency.

I made up by improvising the situation. But no, not good enough. "Its not there...", "That's not it.." All good things said and done, with the turn of events and all these characters becoming 'nobody', I am glad to say that I have survived them.

They are idiots and motherfuckers of the highest order and the world has a place for them. They were placed on this earth to make other people's life miserable. But at the end of it, he who waits will always gets his prize..

Oh well, I can look forward to spending my off days with my kidz..
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