Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some professionalism please..

An acting section head of mine once said : "We may not have to like each other, but here, I call the shots and the job has to be done."
This was uttered in a room because her deputy had complained about me being non-performing. My intrepretation of this was : "Fuck you and don't mess with me".
Now, if you factor in professionalism into the matter, what kind of manager would say such a demeaning thing.
The fact to the matter is that when someone is prejudiced against you, no matter what you do would be good to make up for it.Similarly, I observed this in many places.
Some, I spent a few years learning the ropes. I may not come from a highly educated background, but my sharpened street senses can tell me from what is right and wrong.
In the days that ensued (my last at the said workplace), I sat down and gave it a hard thought.
My options was exhausted and that was no longer a place where my career can grow.
What made it even unbelievable is the fact that the deputy section head was so bent of getting what she want, she betrayed her own race.
For a Chinese, 'chou-kou' or running dog is best to describe this woman.This is the sort of crap you get out of a pig's ass.
She has proven the point that for self-preservation, she would go as low as a maggot to feed on shit and spatter it all over the floor.
So, what happened? I wrote a lengthy letter to the National Union of Journalist to express my displeasure about the situation.
The manner in which the so-called 'investigation' was conducted was not in a proper manner.
Just so that I reveal that the acting section head was a pet to the old regime, scorned for being members of a Mutual Mental Masturbation Club who only think highly of themselves.
You reap the seeds you sow. Ultimately, they self-destructed. Greed and the act of selfishness consumed them.
Where are they today? Well, it goes to say that with each change of hands in the upper echelon, heads must roll.
I put up with these idiots and whatever they say about me. In plain English, I do my job to earn a decent living.
My chores were executed professionally, I keep the person next to me in the loop.
But when my integrity was challenged, all the hardwork put in was thrown out the window.
I worked and rose ex-rank for 15 years, and I knew what hardship meant. When you hit the skid row, only a few people would stand by you.
These are folks that I held in high regards and dearly. They thaught me that in times of despair, there are folks that are worse off and don't let emotions overrule everything.
That same year, I've summed up enough courage to move on with my life. The timing was perfect and never in my entire life - I felt appreciated for once.
The old baggage seems distant. People at the other side of the scale had always wanted to see me fail.
After joining the winning team, I see now how they fail. Miserably. Do they deserve it? Yes, every ounce of it.
Which goes to show that you can never put a good man down. No matter what, in times of need, the good guy will rise to the occassion.
I think professionalism is very important. It covers everything. If I made a mistake, I owe up and make good out of it. I don't sway from the issue.
If I need to confront it, I would. And over the years, I have mellowed down a bit. I don't believe in kissing ass and that if you achieve a certain success, it's hard earned. There are no shortcuts in life.
Either victory or death. I put up with plenty of shit over the last two decades. Its a learning process which is ongoing.
And some of the virtues I've learned were patience, perseverance, pride and integrity.
It took me places and I knew that if you are one of the good guys, you tend to finish last no matter what your detractors throw at you.
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