Friday, September 5, 2008

What a total waste of time!

I received an SMS from a buddy a few days ago telling me that he wanted to hook up with me at the Selangor Shooting Club.

He is a member there who hangs out with the club committee pretty often. Some time back, I tried to feature this place in an article and was given the runaround.

Finally when I totally gave up, he asked me if I could show up and I asked him in turn what was expected of me.

"Its a PR thing," he said. Well, seeing that there are some potential in developing some rapport with the club's people, I took the dive.

Now, I woke up early this morning to bathe the kids, and soon after, left for Subang where the club is located.

When I got there, I met my buddy who introduced me to the range officer. He then showed me around.

I saw a coupla guys plinking paper targets at the far end. Most of them were Malay guys, rich buggers with guns and lousy shots.

So, I toured the whole club. Then, the officer went off to his office and came back with a folder.

Inside it, was an application form. He told me that since my buddy was not around, there's nothing he can do. No shooting. Not that I am desperate to fire a gun or what, I was left there on the lurch.

A day earlier, I was told by my buddy that the club is offering a box of ammo. Fifty rounds at the least.

So, I said : "Why not?" But seeing as it is, the officer sat there, waiting for me to sign up for the club on the spot.

RM750 joining fee and RM500 renewable fee each year. I found out that there are 5,000 members at this club.

At least 3,000 are active. Some, said the officer, are just there to use the club's swimming pool. What the fuck?

I sense that it was an elitist outfit, so, quickly, I backed off and told him that I would keep in touch.

Got into the car, drove about 1km away, rolled down the window and tossed the folder with all its bullshit out on to the road. Fuck this club and the retards who shoot there.

I don't have RM750 to waste on a club membership that I would never utilise. So, I send an SMS to my buddy, thanking him for wasting my time. He replied by saying he had some family emergency. The guy is a nice guy. But I guess the Selangor Shooting Club and I don't quite heck it. Funny, once a club for retards, always stays that way.

Later, I drove to Subang Parade to get some foodstuff. Bad mistake. There's hardly anything in this run of the mill mall. Why the fuck did I go there at the first place? I guess I wanted to walk it off. I was furious, after being jerked around.

Then, I bumped into my wife's retarded uncle. This man is obnoxious, he has a son who is equally as retarded. Since the day I met him, I have no respect for him. Why? Because each time he opens his mouth, nothing nice would come out of it. So, I quickly said hello and got the hell out of the mall.

On the way home, I though I might want to make a diversion. See, I have always wanted to see the new Subang Jaya Toyota showroom. Not that I could afford any of their fucking cars, I just wanted to check it out.

When I got there, I checked out the Toyota Rush. Priced at RM88,000 for a basic specs car, I discovered how retarded the vehicle was.

No fourwheel drive option. And the guy who attented to me was the same asshole who sold my wife her Toyota Vios. The customer service here SUCKS!

With the soggy weather and well, being jerked around day of mine, I made my way home. So, for the better part of the day, this is the story of my life.
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