Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My first damascus blade..

I bought my first Damascus blade from a shop called Sheares Marketing in Singapore. At that time, a small pocket fixed blade was what I could afford.

It didn't burn a hole in my pocket and what amazes me the most, was its leather holster. This is the sort that you put in your jacket's side pocket.

Initially, it wasn't as sharp as I had hoped, but after touching up the edge, I had a working knife. The downside about traditional damascus blades is that it rusts.

So, in our humid environment, steel with high carbon content would usually corrode. Plenty of caution is needed when you care for a damascus blade.

The teeny one that I have been keeping for more than eight years is a little over 18cm (5") in overall length.

Its effective cutting edge is about 7cm which just about right if you want to open up packages, letters and foil bags to get to your snacks.

Forget about heavy abuse. Anways, this is the damascus knife that started it all and I do hope that it will remain in my keepsake for a while.
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