Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bananas & Monkeys

The phone call...
A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from a bicycle shop in Damansara Perdana.
I gave my number to a guy there and had asked him to contact me on the availability of the Sigma Iion XL battery pack.
That was way back in November last year and I specifically made it very clear that I wanted the Sigma Iion XL battery pack.

Apes are apes!
You can't rely on monkeys. 
I asked for bananas and the monkey ate it.
Earlier in the evening, I made a beeline to the bikestore.
I met the guy, a middle-aged dude sporting an earring who actually resembles a monkey.
So, I waited for him to do his chores and was shown to some crap-assed NiMh battery pack.
"This is what you wanted, we have nothing else..."
I tried to explain to him, but he kept on cutting me off, trying to terminate the conversation.
I told him that I had the intent to purchase, but not the battery pack he had insisted.
On his face, I can clearly see the pissed off look.
I showed him the Sigma Powerled Evo box and pointed him the Iion XL pack.
"Oh no, we don't sell that, its not available.."
Some months back, I've paid a high price for the older Sigma Powerled.
The new Evo Led is priced around RM899 a pop.
Way thing are handled, I think the shop is going to have a headlight museum. 
It will be there for a while. I think the Singaporeans are taking us for idiots, substituting bananas for monkeys.

What the real Iion XL powerpack looked like..
The piece of crap the shop was trying to sell me.. 
A waste of time
Earlier, I was told about the monkey dude who runs the show at the bikestore.
Bad attitude, bad service, absolutely bad PR were the traits.
Well, having wasted petrol, time and RM2 parking fee which I don't need to pay, I'd say that this is the last time I am ever going to set foot in the store. 
So, good luck in selling all those Sigmas!
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