Friday, March 2, 2012

Kuantan Road trip - Part 3

Curry Laksa time!
I will try the Teluk Cempedak laksa without fail each time I hit Kuantan.
We did just that after failing to get our fill at the town's wet market.
A wantan mee stall there is said to be the best around. But it was closed.
I also checked the fish stalls, seems that there is a good selection of fishes including the Spanish Mackerel that looks really fresh.
So, we ended up at Teluk Cempedak.
Seems that some protest posters were everywhere. Its about that rare earth plant in Gebeng.
Well, we had our makan and decided to head to Sungai Lembing.
My father in-law wanted to visit the museum there...

Despite being old, my Canon powershot G10 was still capable  of delivering this kickass shot at Teluk Cempedak..
The Lau clan at the beach.. 
Sungai Lembing
I've never been to Sungai Lembing.
It was a good opportunity to check out this mining town outside Kuantan.
The Lau clan also wanted visit a Dragon temple located near the East Coast Highway interchange.
Sungai Lembing is an interesting place.
There's plenty to see here and its also great for bicycle touring.
We spent some time at the town's mining museum and had lunch at a restaurant in town before heading back to KL.
There's also a healthy population of beetles in this town.

A nice specimen at Sg Lembing

Stag beetle.. You don't see this in KL at all..
After Sungai Lembing, we had to shoot back to KL.
Took us about two hours on the ECH before reaching the DUKE Highway and back to SS3 where the Laus are staying.
Later, we had dinner in Sungai Way before parting ways.
Well, I'm glad that my civic duties were performed during this trip. Hopefully Grand Uncle Lau will have a few more good years in his life.. 
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