Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Duck Thigh Noodles Ride

An invitation
I met Mr SK Yeong sometime back at the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan KL ride.
He had organised some really awesome interstate tours like the 'smell the Roses' tri-state ride which was held recently.
Earlier this month, he invited a bunch of cyclists to join him on a ride from Bandar Sunway to Kota Kemuning.
It was a short ride and since Michelle and I haven't been cycling much, it was an opportunity to catch up with our Dahon Jetstream EX and P8.

The bridge to Kota Kemuning
Duck thigh noodles

Back to USJ26
An easy ride
The course was a short ride from Bandar Sunway towards Kota Kemuning.
We clocked less-than 20km to get there. 
During the ride, we also caught up with a fellow Siberian Husky owner Mandy Wong.
Her male pup was castrated and our kids are also friends with KiKi, her six-year-old Sibe.
At Kota Kemuning, we had some duck thigh noodles, which was okay by the township's standards.
After the food, we rode back to USJ26 and I took some time out to bathe my kidz and wash the bikes. My Jetstream EX in particular, was really filthy after my 194km solo ride..
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