Monday, March 26, 2012

Give Shawal a chance

The fastest man on a foldie.. 
Twenty-year-old Shawal Shafee is the fastest man in Malaysia on a folding bike.
He is so and will be until someone beat him on the track.
The Terengganu boy defended his title in January and once again in February at the Kencana SIC Bikeathon to claim first prize in a two-lap race.
Clearly, this young man is ahead of the pack who are mainly composed of weekend thrill-seekers and trackstars wannabe.

A winning bet..
I had the privilege to meet him for a short interview at Johnny Ng's bike store in Bandar Utama. 
We talked about his humble beginnings and how he had trained.
Even with the win, he is still looking for able sponsors to put him on the track or any road circuit.
Now, if the Dahon distributor had picked it up, they would have done very well in branding their product with Shawal.
At the Kencana event, Shawal smoked his competition with a Dahon Dash P18 loaned by Ng.
He left some really high-end bikes behind such as two carbon Ori folding bikes. 

Shawal and the bike that took him to the podium 
Plying the circuit
It doesn't really cost much to outfit this young man with a Dahon Dash P18 for races in the region like in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.
All he needs to do, is to win or finish in the top 5 in Southeast Asia.
I certainly wish him the best in his racing career and hope that someone would take lead by sponsoring this talented youth...
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