Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Banting Char Koay Teow Ride - Part 2

Getting there is half the fun...
Uncle FC Meng, one of the country's leading recumbent bicycle touring cyclist had always insisted that getting to one place is half the fun, while the real test is getting back to the point of origin.
I took his cue and on my solo rides, this was reflected each time I hit the same course as part of the endurance test.

Becoming 'soft'

I must say that all the inactivity and nightly beer sessions had taken a serious toll on my body.
My legs felt the strain and I pressed on with the pain, I can really feel each fibre on my thigh muscle bunching up.
Later, it was imminent that cramps are just waiting to happen.
Nevertheless, I pushed on.
We made it to the Banting bridge and staged our ride towards Jenjarom.
At the familiar Caltex station, we stopped for a can of 100PLUS.
The rest was much-needed as the day grew hotter.

A small vehicle lane at Kampung Jenjarom
We made a turn toward the Indian temple in Jenjarom and used a shorter route to get to Jalan Kebun.
This is easily about 15km of Kampung road.
Roger said he loved the scenery which I agreed.
The last time I was there, the road was still being paved.
This time round, it was ready and smooth.

Along the way, we took a break at a hut near the junction towards Jalan Kebun.
From there, we pushed towards the Kg Jawa exit.
But before that, we stopped at a warung to have a drink.
I think the guys were really exhausted as we had hit nearly 78km.
Another 20km or so, the ride would be over...

Done-deal! 100km for the record...
An achievement
We crossed the KESAS Highway, heading towards USJ2.
When we arrived at the Shell station where we began the ride, I can see the faces on the guys.
They have achieved something on their small bikes.
Clocking 100km in a day. 
To me, it was just another ride. More to come of such nature and even further.
The way its done, it seems that I had won at least one touring partner.
Our group was small and manageable. 
No egos, no gurus, no dictators, just a bunch of guys who can agree on the decided path.
That said, I can certainly look forward to more adventures on two small wheels with the guys...

Our humble effort

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